Good dog needs a new home

As a realtor I run into these situations rarely but they do happen and I was made aware of this today. I went to meet her and she is as sweet as they come and very very well behaved. She took treats one at a time, sat on command and rolled over. Here is her story…

Nina was adopted by an older couple from the dog pound about 10 years ago. Unfortunately her owners both passed away. She used to live in the house with them but after they passed she was put outside in the yard alone. A neighbor has been feeding her and takes her to the dog park once in awhile. She gets along with other dogs well and behaves great off leash. She comes when called. She has been alone in the back yard of the empty house for months. The house has sold and she has nowhere to go. She will end up at the pound in a few days if I am not able to help her find a new home.

Anyone want a sweet sweet older girl who has lost her owners? She will love you dearly…..

My name is Nina and I need a loving new owner.

My name is Nina and I need a loving new owner.

I've got loving open arms!

I’ve got loving open arms!


My dog sitter has offered to foster her, but can’t keep her long term. I just got back from bathing her, applying flea medication and taking her for a walk . She is very well behaved on leash and just stood still for a bath in the back of the house where she is living as I gave it to her with a garden hose. My dog sitter has 3 dogs in a small apartment, I have five dogs so together we will foster her until we can get her a permanent home. So talk to your friends if you are reading this near San Diego as she will be a great companion …. And she will love you for the help.


Nina has been accepted into a rescue group, No Wagging Tails Left Behind. My dog sitter will foster her until she is placed. I will sponsor her and foot her bills until she is placed. Being that she is over 10 she would not do well in the shelter setting as older dogs of her age are harder to adopt out, but rescues have a different type of potential owners who are usually willing to take on dogs with needs or who will only be around for a few years. She remains in her yard and will move tomorrow to my dog sitters home 3 doors down from me. I went to visit her today and she is feeling so much better after the soothing oatmeal bath I gave her and her flea meds have taken affect. She has a bed that we took her last night as she had nothing but concrete and dirt that she has slept on for almost a year….behind an empty house.

Clean and happy to have a bed. She will hardly get off of it!

Clean and happy to have a bed. She will hardly get off of it!


17 thoughts on “Good dog needs a new home

    • My dog sitter just got her accepted into a rescue group. I am going to pay her bills, my dog sitter will foster her and she will be posted on their site and networked to get a new home. I will update as it goes.

  1. My heartstrings have been well and truly tugged. May she eventually (i.e. very soon) get the lovely home and owner(s) she needs and deserves.

    • She is 35lbs
      She is not yet on the rescue website. She will move to foster home tomorrow and go into the rescue group Friday. My dog sitter is fostering and she is part of the rescue group. I will know more shortly on that and will get involved with the group to sponsor her. I’ll keep you posted.

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  6. You’re truly an amazing person to put that much effort and resources into finding a home for this dog. She’s beautiful and no doubt eternally grateful to you for it. I volunteered at an animal shelter, so I know how hard it is to get these pups adopted, much less the older folks. Thanks for making a difference. 🙂

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