Supreme Court decides to let lower court rulings stand

I’ve been legally married to my husband since 2008 here in California. After we were married proposition 8 passed thus barring any more same sex couples from marrying here. We remained legally married in the state along with some 14,000 other couples during the years until prop 8 fell under last years SCOTUS ruling. Also falling last year was DOMA so for the first time our marriage was recognized by the federal government.

There were 7 cases from 5 states on appeal to SCOTUS, today SCOTUS denied review on all seven of those cases thus letting the lower court rulings stand. So 5 more states, including my home state of Virginia, now have marriage equality. Those lower court rulings will also affect 6 other states that did not have an appeal in front of SCOTUS today, so look for marriage equality in six more states in the days ahead.

Congratulations to all the couples who live in those states and who wish to be married. Your day is either here or coming very shortly.

Some are disappointed that SCOTUS did not take the cases on and make a sweeping ruling legalizing marriage nation wide.

I’m a glass half full optimistic kind of guy. I am happy that they did what they did today.

First; to take it on would have meant that all of those couples would have to wait for a final ruling which would not come until probably June,  many could and some did marry today. They have waited long enough. Second, the other federal courts that have yet to rule now have an even stronger precedent than was set by DOMA’s fall. The highest court, by not taking the appeals, validated the lower courts ruling letting their decisions to strike down bans set precedent thus making it more likely other federal courts will rule for equality and any appeals weaker. Third, we really do not know how SCOTUS would have ruled next June, most likely for…but no one really ever knows the outcome until it happens. Fourth, with this 60% of Americans will now live in states where marriage equality is the law… who would have ever dreamed this to be this soon, even last summer.

The glass is half full,  it’s more than half full…it’s 60% full. And it will get even fuller even faster now. We are blessed to live today. I grew up in the days where marrying my partner was not an option that we ever would dream would happen in our lifetime and my life ain’t even half over. I’m still young!

So to all who can now marry, congratulations! And may your marriage bless you as much as mine has.

And to those who are disappointed; be happy for those who can now marry, count the blessings we have received thus far and let’s just keep marching toward eqaulity for all. We will get it, it’s coming closer day by day.


2 thoughts on “Supreme Court decides to let lower court rulings stand

  1. Sensational news, FB, even if it’s not as all-embracing as you and all reasonable people would like to see. But on its own terms it’s such a giant step, bringing still closer the inevitable comprehensive ruling.
    So happy for all those who fought for it.

  2. Alas, I am a glass is half-empty sort on this subject. As I read this I just heard about the Idaho ‘stay’; and I daresay other states will do likewise. Like Roe vs. Wade the opposing side may not be able to stop the law but they can succeed quite easily by working around it.

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