Faults? Me?

“Whenever you are about to find fault with someone, ask yourself the following question: What fault of mine most nearly resembles the one I am about to criticize?”   …Marcus Aurelius

It’s so easy in this mind of mine to find fault in others. My mind just chatters at times. Hopefully it just chatters and doesn’t say things out loud. So this quote reminds me to stop, especially before I speak, and ask myself that question. I can usually find I have a very similar or even the same fault. I must then have empathy and reserve my judgment. I have that fault or a very similar one and thus I should have patience with that person.

This gives me good insight into myself as I need to be aware of my own faults. I need to remember we all have faults. I am human. I am not perfect and the best I can do is work on my own faults to get better and to be better. I’m not trying to be perfect, I just need to strive to be good. As long as I’m working to better myself, I am doing well and making progress.

I must be aware and not judge others. We are all human.  It reminds me of a phrase I heard as a child and love to this day: “Glass Houses”

5 thoughts on “Faults? Me?

  1. In Jungian terms this is called ‘projecting ones Shadow”. A good rule of thumb is when someone annoys us it is because they are mirroring an aspect of ourselves which we are uncomfortable.

  2. As usual, Dr Spo is spot on. It’s what I’ve only found out by self-observation. Maybe it explains why, in my case at least, it’s far easier to tolerate faults and ‘bad habits’ in animals than in other humans – which is why, when becoming aware of my irritation with others, I try to see them as animals (in a non-demeaning sense).

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