The ABCs of Life

My nephew, knowing my life outlook, saw a plaque he thought I’d like and gave it to me as a gift (thank you Josh). It’s the ABCs of life. I think it’s a good thought to share.

Accept differences

Be kind

Count your blessings


Express thanks


Give freely

Harm no one

Imagine more

Jettison anger

Keep confidences

Love truly

Master something

Nurture hope

Open your mind

Pack lightly

Quell rumors


Seek wisdom

Touch hearts


Value truth

Win graciously


Yearn for peace

Zealously support a worthy cause


5 thoughts on “The ABCs of Life

  1. Every one of these is, of course, commendable – either to practice or to strive for. (I doubt if I’m alone in having had to reach for a dictionary for one point.)

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