Quality issues

I have an issue:

I have choices.

At times I feel confused. I am feeling a need to grow, to go deeper and to understand myself, my purpose, better. I am grateful I have such a quality issue. But where do I go? What do I do? What is it I really want? What will fulfill me? What will be my highest potential? What would make a difference? How will I know it is the right choice?

These questions can go on and on. I feel at times we all feel this way and have this issue.

In my quest I started this blog. I already feel a deeper connection with myself because I write it down. Score! It’s a start and it feels right. I am reading books, meditating, watching appropriate positive television, challenging my beliefs and have been to a couple of seminars. The latest one was in Washington DC this past weekend with Oprah. It’s all resonating and feeling good. Score!

So what one thing can I do today to move me toward my goal of a more meaningful life and a life that positively impacts those close to me and those that I encounter throughout the day?

With the rising sun I will ask myself “What will I make of this New Day?” And I will ask myself that every morning as I feel gratitude for each new day as it arrives. Each morning is a new beginning and I can make something good out of it, as long as I choose to.

I believe that as long as I make a good choice and do good things, I will move toward a better and better life. I feel that issues will diminish and that the choices will become clear. Maya Angelou simply stated it in her words “Do Good”.

Below are memorials to two good men who did good things and left a great legacy, may they inspire me as well as you. May your day be blessed.

The Lincoln Memorial

The Lincoln Memorial

A closer view of the inspirational man, who with good choices kept a country united.

A closer view of the inspirational man, who with good choices kept a country united.

On the side of the Martin Luther King Memorial

On the side of the Martin Luther King Memorial

Martin Luther King as large as his inspiration

Martin Luther King as large as his inspiration

8 thoughts on “Quality issues

    • Appropriate TV for me is interviews of inspirational people, good comedy, classic performances, documentary and good movies. I agree most television is junk, but there is good stuff there too and I stick to that, thus the term appropriate. One of the important ones for me is good comedy. I feel that laughter is one of the important ingredients to a good life and development of a good sense of humor.

    • I know what you mean be being inspired, in my many visits to Athens I make a point of seeing from the rooftop of my hotel the sun rising over the Acropolis and its rays hitting the Parthenon. This ancient temple of the time of Pericles is the foundation of the idea of Democracy, I find that inspiring. As for television I do not have one, I gave that up years ago if not decades ago, when living in other continents television is not developed to what it has become for us. So I simple stopped watching and when I returned to Canada I gave away the one I had in storage, never buying a new one and I have not missed it at all.

  1. Sometimes we try too hard to push ourselves faster and deeper than we’re really ready to go. If nothing is changing quickly, we may need to stay put, look around, and figure out why that is. What we’re missing, what we need to learn before we move on. At least that’s what I’ve found for myself.

    You will always have choices. I hope you always have issues and I hope you dance.

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