It’s good to be missed

I received this picture this morning from home. My husband and my dogs miss me. It feels good to know I have a loving home waiting for me. 

Today was a wonderful day here on the beach. I am becoming fully relaxed. With my clearing mind I can see what is important. So with this thought I will contemplate the relationships that have value and support me. I am humbled by all the blessings I have. I need to savor what they mean and feel gratitude for them.

Since you are reading this, why not take a moment, right now, and think of one person that you value and do something nice for them. Call, text or write a note and brighten their day as well as your own. 

Mitzi. Abner, Virgil, Patsy and Gilda

Mitzi. Abner, Virgil, Patsy and Gilda

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