Not mine but Sean’s over at Just a Jeep Guy

Yesterday was Sean’s birthday and he posted this TMI questionnaire:


1. Do you enjoy celebrating your birthday (forgetting about the getting older part)?

2. What’s your sign and is it accurate?

3. What’s your Chinese zodiac sign and is it accurate?

4. Do you celebrate your pet’s Birthday?

5. What was your best birthday?

6. What was your worst birthday?

7. What has been your best age so far?

8. Birthday cake? Candles?

BONUS Is birthday sex expected, a present or a rarity? Do you get spanked?

My answers are below. Would love for you to answer them either in my comments or on your blog. Original post can be found over at Just A Jeep Guy link in Fearsome Buds column. 

1) I like to lay low on my birthday. Quiet ones are best but I do like it acknowledged.

2) Capricorn and it’s pretty accurate. 

3) Rabbit (or Cat…both for this year only one with two animals) and it’s sort of maybe correct in a few ways. 

4) Yes we celebrate our pets birthdays!

5) My best birthday… Turning 40 in Sydney Australia. 

6) My worst birthday was turning 29, by far the worst. I thought for some reason that I should have everything figured out by that age. So much that turning 30 and realizing, accepting that I would never have it all figured out and that the journey as the key to happiness was a huge blessing.

7) My best age so far has been the late 40s. Fully realizing that this journey is wonderful and that accepting and forgiving are the keys to the kingdom. It’s not giving up, it’s winning by going with the flow and not against it. 

8) Birthday cake is a must, a vanilla cake with vanilla butter creme icing please and candles are a given.

Bonus Questions: Birthday sex not expected and is a rarity. I prefer no spanking please. 

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