Down day

Yesterday was the typical Monday…busy. That’s good, I felt great as usual and plowed through it. 

Then there was the wake up this morning…..that feeling… Get up now! Get your ass in the bathroom!

ok ok I know….TMI

So I get started and think ok that was it. I’m better. NOT. It got worse and I’m staying home today. I’m rarely ill but I either ate something or caught a little stomach bug. Needless to say I cancelled my yoga class this morning. Cramps, nausea and …. Well you get the picture. And that picture would not be pretty in a yoga studio. 

So I do have a lot of work to catch up on so that will be my focus today. I will also be grateful to get all of this backed up computer work done. My body needs a rest and my mind needs to clear so this will work fine and I will be better tomorrow on all counts. 

Enjoy your day and  give yourself a time out for a couple minutes and enjoy this clip… If Neil can pull this off, I can make it through today!


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