Fearsome Mindset…..


I believe we can change our mindset. I believe all of us do at times. Sometimes for the better and sometimes not. Attitude is in the definition and is obviously part of it, but why do we sometimes get stuck and stay with a rigid mindset? One that holds us back, closes our vision, makes us feel trapped and loose perspective. 

Beliefs can influence our mindset, but mindset is an attitude. Attitudes are easier to change. Is it not possible to have a belief but remain open to other perspectives? By being open and adjusting our mindset about a belief is it possible that we may see from better perspectives? Have better attitudes and outcomes? 

As a human when I step back and look at my mindset, I often find that when I have a closed and negative mindset I am often reacting in fear. If I take the time to realize this, to examine and learn from it I grow, change and feel better. I gain a better perspective by changing my attitude, my mindset. 

Today I will contemplate mindset and try to see where I can improve. Today I will look at where I can adjust and choose better. 

Be Fearsome and choose better…..

Have an incredible Sunday! Today is a gift, make the most of it.




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