Meditation … Fearsome Challenges You…Are You Game?

About a month ago I posted this:

The free 21 day meditation with Oprah and Deepak Chopra starts tomorrow. I will be starting tomorrow with them.

As I share in the previous entry I did one of these back in May. It was great. I wasn’t stressed and was more productive. What I noticed most about 3-4 weeks after stopping is that I was stressed and somewhat disorganized, just like before I started the original one. My workouts were not as easy and I was having back pain again. When I was just finishing the 21 days my workouts were great, I slept well and my back pain was gone. Obviously stress was building back up in me and all I had done was I stopped meditating.

As I also shared in that previous entry it is free and so worth it. Can you feel me giving you, dear reader, a nudge?…..well I am. I would love for a few of you to do this with me and share how it is helping you, or not. It’s 15-20 minutes each day. The meditations are e mailed to you daily and good for 5 days so if you miss a day, you can still catch up.

Deepak defines meditation as listening to the spirit. Quieting and then opening the mind so you can hear the spirit. Being present in the now, the right now.

I am looking forward to the next 21 days. I’m looking forward to the calm, the strength, the openness, the connection with my spirit and soul it will bring.

Step up to the challenge……join me. You won’t regret it and if after a couple you ain’t a feelin it, then stop cause it don’t cost a dime. I think you will like it. What do you have to loose? And better yet, what can you gain?

If you don’t want to click back over to the old post, here is the link to the website to sign up:

It’s gonna be Fearsome…….                                                                                                                                                       ‘Cause anything that grows us, our spirit, our souls or Beards is Fearsome!

….be Fearsome…increase your happiness and well being….join the challenge and Fearsomely meditate….Woo Hoo!



4 thoughts on “Meditation … Fearsome Challenges You…Are You Game?

  1. I actually wrote on to do list for this week YOGO. I’ve been wanting to start it again but living where I do the classes are full of 30ish mommies. Hey, it’s as a good a reason as any. I wanted to try this after reading your first post about it – 8/11 seemed soooooo far away. I’m gonna try.

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