I was just checking out a blog and wanted to leave that blogger an inspiring comment. In the comment I used the word Reveille in reference to the trumpet I hear in my bedroom each morning as I live spitting distance from the MCRD (Marine Corps Recruit Depot) here in San Diego. And as the mind of this beard would have it, his muses appeared out of thin air. Poof! And then they say “You have inspiration, stop everything you are doing and write cause your at that age where if you don’t write it down now you won’t remember it this evening!”

so I go on the internet to find more……..

“To Reveille” or “to sound Reveille” is often used among military personnel as a term meaning “to notify personnel that it is time to wake up,” whether the bugle call is actually sounded or not. Units lacking the personnel or equipment necessary to play the tune will often assign the duty to “sound Reveille” to the last watch of the night, who must ensure that others are roused at the proper time, by any appropriate means (often by actually shouting the word “reveille” until everyone is awake).

So I am seeing this, reveille is a wake up call. To become awake. To see. To be open. To be all you can be. Often we just go through the motions of life. We may be technically awake and at our job, playing with our kids, driving somewhere, in a meeting, having coffee with a friend or anything we are doing in our daily lives….but are we present? Am I present? Can I see opportunity? Am I open to opportunity? Am I ready to receive all that there is out there for me? Or am I just trudging along missing things along the way?

The best way I think I can be ready is to be present, be alert and most of all be open. If I am not open to different possibilities I am not going to see the ones that may be just slightly different than my closed mindset. I believe that open minds lead to fulfilled lives. I believe open minds experience more. I believe open minds are more present in their own realities. I believe open minds are set to take advantage of opportunities that the heard may not see. We all see things differently, we all bring our own fresh perspective. Think of what I can bring to the table and you can bring to the table if we have open minds and bring what we can to the table, to humanity, together.

So now that this beard has something to contemplate tonight I will share common lyrics to the tune (there are not actual lyrics to the tune but ones that have been made up over the years, these are the ones I liked best from my google search)……;

You’ve got to get up You’ve got to get up You’ve got to get up this morning You’ve got to get up You’ve got to get up Get up with the bugler’s call The major told the captain The captain told the sergeant The sergeant told the bugler The bugler told them all < repeat top six lines >

Fearsome has some waking up to do! There is so much out there for him, and so much out there for you too!



3 thoughts on “Reveille

  1. Jungians often your the simile of ‘waking up’ to describe going from unconscious to the conscious. It is a life time journey, and there is no going back when you wake up. It’s a costly endeavor to wakeup.

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