Life interrupts

So what has happened? Why has the beard been lackluster in his blogging?


At 3:45 am Monday morning after an exhausting yet invigoration four days of Comic Con I was awakened with a phone call that my nephew had been injured and was being taken into the emergency room.  So I found myself shortly after that at his bedside and after some needed care he was admitted to the hospital. He is and will be fine. Being his only blood relative here in San Diego I have taken on a few responsibilities and have spent most of my time running between hospital, union halls for benefits and taking care of all the loose ends. He hopefully will be discharged today. 

I have been contemplating lots of thoughts these few days but have yet to have any time to stop and write, so forgive me for that. It’s important to take care of life’s responsibilities and loved ones and it’s important to stop, think and take care of ones self. We also have to balance. So while I’m taking care of business right now, I must remind myself to balance and get back here to take care of me and get my thoughts out on this here iPad. So I am doing that at this moment, reminding myself. More later… and running!

6 thoughts on “Life interrupts

  1. An unpleasant business, both for you and neph. Hope that he was duly discharged and that this current crisis is over – and that he’s come through it without any concerns that weren’t there before.

  2. One of the troubles to ‘catching up’ is i miss the ‘big news’ when it happens.
    BLogging is a past time, a hobby; it takes back seat to Life and its needs.

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