Comic Con has started!

imageFearsome shows off his badge while standing behind 3 of his nieces and a nephew.


I moved here to San Diego in 1991. I was not a comic book fan nor into science fiction. Comic Con took place here each year and I often heard a lot about this and that. ” The freaks are in town” “It’s a nerd invasion” “I saw the weirdest people walking around downtown”…….you get the idea, not complimentary remarks. Each year though it grew. Each year it got more attention. Each year it attracted more stars, movies, shows and people. Each year I went about my work a day life and kind of ignored it.

Comic Con started here in San Diego in 1974 as a small comic book convention. The artists would come and so would the aficionados and collectors. This year it celebrates 40 years and is the worlds largest popular arts convention. It’s so large now that you have to register in the fall to be able to get online in February to try to get a ticket. I’ll stop here to tell you it’s so worth trying to get your ticket.

Over the years I became more intrigued by it. I would see people in restaurants, on the street, in stores, on the trolley and just about anywhere with big huge swag bags or dressed as a superhero. People laughing, being themselves, having a good time. I started to go down near the convention center and watching. Found myself wandering the host hotel and parking myself at a bar to watch. It became a tradition that each year the zombies would take over the streets of the Gaslamp district. I would go and hang out at a bar to watch the madness as thousands of zombies took to the streets. I had become a Comic Con lurker.

Then back in 2009 my niece from Virginia asked if she and her husband could come stay with us as they wanted to go to Comic Con. Since they were coming I thought why not get a ticket to go one day and get in. They got 4 day passes, I bought one day. The next year I bought a four day pass. I have been every year since. Inside I found a world I had never imagined. Yes the crowds are overwhelming at first, but it is a world where everyone has a smile. Everyone is different. Everyone loves each other for their differences. Everyone celebrates the kid in themselves and in each other.

Comic Con is Nirvana.


3 thoughts on “Comic Con has started!

  1. Between your experience and a fun experience i had with my nephew last year (which I don’t have time to write about) I’m going to see if tickets are possible for the NY show. Thanks

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