Happy Pride 2014

ImageHave pride in just who you are. Not what someone else thinks you should be or who you think you should be from any outside influence. Love yourself for you, just who you are. Be who you are. Have pride in those you love, for who they are and not who you think they should be. Love others and have pride in letting them be who they are. Respect all and see the good in them, be proud you see the good in them and let them have pride in themselves. Lead through example and have pride in your example. By lifting yourself, loving yourself and respecting yourself you lift those around you. Move forward, give a hand to the ones who need it and celebrate the diverse family of humanity. Each and every one of us can make our world better by starting right where we are, with ourselves and those who are right beside us. Good spreads. Start spreading good this very moment, be grateful for it and the miracle begins.

Happy Pride!

I see miracles, in each and every one of us…….Some wish we were invisible. We’re not. Let’s dance! (wisdom from Mr. Joe Jervis)

……and Be Fearsome!

7 thoughts on “Happy Pride 2014

      • I figured you didn’t know about “blogger ethics” but wouldn’t want you to find out the hard way. When it arrives, I will be sporting my tee in a photo at my place. (trust me, it ain’t about me.) I think they’re a great idea and worth the price. Have a great weekend.

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