Fearsome dogs

This is Abner. He is a 4 year old 10 lb toy poodle. Yes he has only one eye.
I make regular donations to both our San Diego humane society & SPCA and to the local Spirit Fund at the county animal shelter (aka dog pound). The Spirit Fund is for giving life saving medical care to animals that come into the shelters that would otherwise be euthanized due to their health or injury. It was time to make another donation back in March 2012 when instead of mailing the check I decided to drop it off in person. So after writing out a check for $200 I decided to take a walk and say hello to the dogs. On the first run all alone in the last cage was Abner, a Spirit Fund dog. His name at the time was Jack Sparrow. He had been shaven of all of his hair to the skin, was wearing an Elizabethan collar (cone) had a huge swelling where his newly evicerated left eye was healing, had stitches all the way down his left front shoulder, a broken left rear foot and numerous healing bite wounds. He cowered in the corner and growled. I sat down placing my back against the wire gate and waited. Slowly he came over and did the same pushing his back against mine, as hard as he could. I knew then that the house of four, was now a house of five. He had just found a new safe home where he could recover and become the spoiled happy boy he is today.

Fearsome dogs

8 thoughts on “Fearsome dogs

  1. How wonderful. My Truvy I rescued from the DC shelter 12 years ago and my Tramp rescued himself 9 years ago by running into our house. Even after all these years together of trust and love the scares of the abuse they suffered before still surface and breaks my heart every time.

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