Sleep and a healthy beard

I love my sleep. I usually sleep very well. I fact it’s 9 pm and I am writing this from the bed. To bed at 9 and up at 5 is my routine.

Last night I did not sleep well. An unusual occurrence. Crowding in the bed seemed to be the issue. King size bed plus two grown men and 4 little dogs ( the big girl Gilda has her own bed beside ours, she’s the smart one ). For some reason last night they, especially Virgil, wanted to be where I was. It made for a restless night.

Therefore today has been a bit “off”. I think the lack of good sleep has affected me more than I am willing to admit. Don’t get me wrong, it was a good day…..but I was not quite myself.

I value my sleep. I feel it adds not only to my bodily health, but to my emotional, psychological and mental health. So here’s to a good nights sleep tonight, not only for me but for you as well.

UPDATE: It’s 6 am and I had a great nights sleep! Woo hoo! Wishing you a great day ahead! What amount of sleep do you need? What do you do to get it? How does your sleep affect your health?

—– Take enough sleep and rest. Studies show that there is a strong link between sleep deprivation and facial hair growth. In a clinical research conducted in France, lack of sleep for 48 hours resulted in 19% reduction of facial hair growth in the subjects in the study. Remember this the next time you feel guilty for sleeping in!—… of many statements from studies I found this morning……

2 thoughts on “Sleep and a healthy beard

  1. Having a good night’s sleep remains vital to our physical and mental health -even with weight gain! This mundane matter gets overrided too much by 21st century people who shave off sleep for ‘other important things’ – bad

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