Fearsomethan Beardington Seagull

Do you ever notice things that just keep showing up?

I read this book when I was probably about 12. I remember I liked it. I remember that I fantasized about the daring flights that Jonathan took. I remember that I empathized with his feelings about being outcast. I didn’t really comprehend the full message of the book, but it somehow touched me enough and I knew it was ok to be an outcast and that somehow I would survive and hopefully thrive. The story gave me some comfort. I always had a good feeling inside when I heard the name Jonathan Livingston Seagull from that point on.

Well, as the universe would have it, recently the title if this book has been regularly resurfacing in my life. Just over and over I would see the title, heard the title and it even showed up in a dream. I kept thinking to myself….”I should pop over to Amazon and buy a copy, there must be a reason that this just keeps coming up”.

I guess I did not act fast enough so the powers that be put it in my life. A friend was moving into a condo I own down near San Diego Bay in the Little Italy neighborhood Monday and I was helping her carry her belongings in. As I was about to leave she was unpacking and laid this book on the kitchen counter right in front of me. I commented that it was strange how it kept surfacing over and over. She said a friend had just given it to her before she made the move west from her home in New England. She then handed it to me and said you take it and read it as I will be busy the next couple of days unpacking.

It’s a short and powerful story. It can be read in an hour. So I read it. I am in awe that the story I read at 12 years of age has so much meaning to me right now. In this reading I saw the limiting power of thought. I saw the freeing power of thought. I also deepened my understanding of the freedom created when we combine love and thought. From the whole experience I learned that when something is popping up, when you feel an intuition….follow it. There is something there to learn, to understand.

I will be contemplating what I read yesterday for a long while. I am so thankful that this short story of wisdom showed itself to me again.Image

4 thoughts on “Fearsomethan Beardington Seagull

  1. I remember reading this when I was in 8th or 9th grade. Phil Donahue interviewed Bach on his talk show, which I think was still being broadcast from Dayton at that time, It might be the first book I ever bought with my own money. I seem to recall reading it again one summer when I was in college.

    Wasn’t there also a movie as well? I don’t think I ever saw it but I seem to recall a soundtrack or title song by Neil Diamond

    • Wow, had to look that one up. I never knew there was a movie but the Neil Diamond struck a long forgotten cord….I forgot about the album, my father had it and probably still does. When I looked this up there is a fun fact that the soundtrack album by Neil Diamond grossed more than the movie ever did. I’ll stick to the book and what my mind and current circumstances take from it. Not a movie that likely tries to make its own point.

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