11 thoughts on “Fearsome!

  1. Welcome to the wonderful wacky world of blogging. I hope you enjoy it. I hope it is a place for artistic expression, networking, and whatever floats your boat. Just wait until Ann Marie hears of this!

  2. Anne Marie….This is Shawn from San Diego…I started a blog my dear….I had cocktails with you at Loews Hotel lobby bar in Philly (with Raymond who is Sassybear’s friend)…I am a Pardes fan….I have been unable till now to comment on your blog….now I can. Are the bells ringing yet….?

  3. HELLZ YEAH! (sings) the bells are ringing, for you and for me…
    I got a text message from spo this morning telling me about your new adventure! AWESOMESAUCE! how’s every little thing with you and your hubby?
    your baseball team plays my baseball team next week. let’s just say that MY team ain’t exactly setting any new records this year.

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